Retaining Walls

From New Construction to Renovation

What is a retaining wall, and why would you need one? These are valid questions that we get asked often. To be put simply, retaining walls are used to hold back soil and rocks that may slide onto your lawn or property. Hilly or slanted properties need retaining walls to defend against erosion and weather that can cause the release of soil and rock.

They can also have an aesthetic purpose that can turn your property into a real work of art! Some properties will just need a small retaining wall in their backyard to protect their foundation, where other properties will need rather large retaining walls to prevent rocks from falling onto your driveways and parking lots.  

Retaining Walls & Lawn Maintenance in Fayetteville, NC & Surrounding Areas

Retaining Walls Can Be Built Using 

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Concrete Block
  • Stone Veneer
  • Gabion
  • Dry Stone/Boulder
There is a range of materials that you can choose for your retaining wall depending on where it will be placed and the purpose of the retaining wall. To learn more, give Snow's Landscaping & Lawncare Inc. a call today to get a free estimate and start the conversation.
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